Pro Tools HD Native 12.6 installed!! Our three Prism Dream ADA8 XR’s have been fitted with HD cards connected directly to the AVID HD

Thunderbolt card giving a full 24i/o of supreme AD/DA conversion. In addition we have also installed a UAD 2 Octo card ……HUGE processing power and a fabulous range of plug ins at your disposal.

Our WAVES package has been upgraded to WAVES Diamond ….an array of stella plug in’s.
See the full upgrade list here.


Prism ADA8 XR Dream AD/DA

24 i/o with Pro Tools HDX Cards


Maselec Mea-2 EQ

Maselec MLA-2 Compressor

DACS Clarity Micamp 2

Avalon 737SP Pre/Comp/EQ

Lexicon PCM 80

Lexicon PCM 90

TC Electronic Fireworx

TC Electronic Finalizer

Bricasti M7 Reverb

SSL X Rack

4 XR 728 Stereo Dynamics Modules

4 XR 418 Mono Dynamics Modules

Morbin Audio 1176 FET Compressor/Limiter

Morbin Audio LA2A Valve Compressor/Limiter


SSL AWS 900 +SE DELTA Control Super Analogue 24 Channel Console


Pro Tools HD Native v12.5


Apple MacPro 3.7ghz Quad Core Intel Xeon – 64gb RAM

2 x 27″ DELL LCD Monitors

UAD 2 Octo Card in Sonnet expansion chassis

UAD Apollo with UAD Satellite.

Waves Platinum


Rob Papen


TC Powercore



Steven Slate Trigger


Genelec 1038B Active Tri Amplified Monitors

Genelec 1072A Active Sub

Genelec 1032 Active Monitors

Focal Twin Active Monitors

Yamaha NS10 Passive Monitors


BLUE Bottle Valve mic with all capsules

Telefunken AK47 x2

Neuman U87

Earthworks SR25 matched pair

Earthworks SR30

Sennheiser 441

Sennheiser 421 x 3

AKG 414XLS x 2

Shure SM57 x 7

Shure SM58 x3

Sennheiser M69 x 1

Royer 121 x 1


Mapex Saturn SE Birch, Walut and Maple

6 Shell Kit Tama Road Pro hardware

Ergo Rider throne with back rest

Iron Cobra double kick pedal with rolling glide

Iron Cobra HH stand

SABIAN HHX series cymbals

12″ HH Splash, 13″ HH Fusion Hats, 16″ HHX Evolution Crash, 21″ HH Raw Bell Dry Ride,18″ HHX Evolution Crash


Vox AC30 Combo

Marshall JCM 900 Head

Mesa Boogie 4×12 Cab

Fender Twin Combo

Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special Combo

Fender Deville Combo


Yamaha M50

Korg M0X8


Gibson ES355 Custom with Bigsby Trem

Gibson ES335 dot neck fixed bridge

Gibson Les Paul Standard with Seymour Duncans

Rob Williams Custom Telecaster – Hand built in the UK with vintage hand wound pick ups

Fender Stratocaster – Jeff Beck Signature Model

Jaydee Hooligan with EMG p/ups & Floyd Rose Trem

Yamaha 5 String Bass

Peter Barton Custom 10 string Cittern

Gibson Kris Kristofferson Acoustic

Eggle Stratford Acoustic

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