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This week, we’re getting serious and talking music industry! In particular, we’re looking at how fairly different genres are represented across mainstream Western music. After launching our Track Of The Week playlist on Spotify a couple of weeks ago, you might have noticed just how varied our chosen tracks are, celebrating everyone from the likes of pop legend Michael Jackson to rock God’s Aerosmith!

This got us thinking a bit about the music industry as we know it today, and just how heavily it’s dominated by pop music. At the recent American Music Awards a few weeks back, ‘It’ girl of the moment Taylor Swift received a pretty impressive six award nominations, including ‘Artist of the Year’ and ‘Song of the Year,’ with other nominees including Nicki Minaj, Sam Smith, and The Weeknd. And if you turn on an episode of the nations favourite music competition, X Factor, chances are you’ll catch a whole host of aspiring artists doing much of the same. Now, we aren’t saying that these guys aren’t good at what they do, we’re just saying, wouldn’t it be nice to see a bit of a fairer representation of artists across the music industry?

Here at Gospel Oak, we have all kinds of artists come through our doors. In just the last month, we’ve had the likes of indie band The Strangeways, singer-songwriter Jalth, jazz & swing trio The Candy Dolls, and Rhino and the Ranters, who describe their style as nothing less than cow-punk gospel blues! Quite a varied bunch of musicians, we think you’ll agree!

We’re pretty sure you guys will have a thing or two to say about this one, so we’d love to know what your thoughts are! Don’t forget, you can have a listen to our Track Of The Week playlist here.

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